The Process to a True Yes: Genuine Service

“A committed client is the natural outcome of genuine service.”

There is something in our collective consciousness that is hardwired to equate on-the-spot selling with pushy images of used car salesmen trying to pressure, guilt and/or cajole us into buying decisions we’ll later regret.

But what if our collective consciousness is wrong on this?

Step out of your own business for a moment and think of yourself as a consumer.

Have you ever been to a boutique where a salesperson has helped you pick clothing that made you feel powerful and beautiful? When you stepped up to the regis­ter and purchased those products, did you feel ashamed or forced? Or were you happy for the help and direction of an expert who could give you the true feedback and guidance you genuinely needed?

In our businesses, our clients are in that position—you are sitting in their home because they asked you to be there. They want your expertise. They need your guidance. They want to buy what you are selling. Not making an on-the-spot offer, not going for a graceful close is not only doing you a disservice but, even more importantly, it is doing your client a disservice.

“Not making an on-the-spot offer… is doing your client a disservice.” 

Empowering the ‘Yes’

It’s an uncomfortable feeling to be caught up in indecision— to be waffling between multiple choices and not really sure which direction is ultimately going to make you happy. So when you have created a solution for and with your client (and have triple-checked that they truly love it) empowering them to say yes is the exact opposite of being pushy.

In our culture of instant gratification having what I call a “high-touch” relationship within a structured approach and supported by modern tools, will create an environment where an on-the­-spot sale forms the natural conclusion of your consultation.

“Empowering them to say YES is the exact opposite of being pushy.”

My definition of a “high-touch” client relationship simply means that you don’t ever leave your client dangling. You stay in close communication, you build rapport, you keep in touch before, during and after the sale. This is made easy through the use of social media, video, content marketing (email) and very specific customer-targeted ad campaigns.

Work the System

With a structured approach to selling, you know in advance how you are going to handle your initial intake call and what the core components of your sales consultation will be so you never miss anything important. This helps ensure that you and your client are both on track to the mutually desired outcome. You are never blindsided by objections and are poised to use your past success to generate future results.

Having a systematic approach allows you to analyze the results and figure out what worked and what didn’t. It also keeps your client experience consistent and ensures that the solutions provided are truly in alignment with what your clients need and want. These factors make all the difference when you’re looking to sell on the spot.

“Use programs that allow you to provide an exact quote on the spot.” 

Finally, those magical modern tools. We already touched on some of the tools, like email marketing and video, that can support your client relationship. But I’d also encourage you to use programs that allow you to provide an exact quote on the spot. If you don’t have the numbers for them, how can they say yes to the solution you’ve created? With a quoting tool your work is done before you even leave the client’s home and, if you get yourself a WiFi hotspot, you don’t ever have to worry about internet coverage.

Having to email a quote and wait for an answer squanders the creative momentum you have shared with your client and, with modern quoting software, the delay is rarely justi­fied.

Helping your consumers say the final yes (sealed with a payment) respects the time they’ve invested with you, frees you both up from an endless and needless game of follow up and creates an amazing experience they will happily share with their friends. In my book, that’s the kind of win-win-win to create every time!

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