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Clear & Time-Tested Sales System

If your sales are inconsistent, unpredictable, mediocre, stressful or overly time-consuming… it’s probably because you’re Selling without a System. When you have a Clear & Time-Tested Sales System, you know how to prepare, how to present, how to react and exactly what to say… every time. Book more calls, pitch with confidence, close more sales and make more money. That’s the FastTrack way!

FASTTRACK is for you if:

  • You want to close more sales
    • You’re tired of wasting time sending out quotes and never hearing back.
    • You’re ready to meet more people who show up to your appointment ready to BUY so you can close more sales ON THE SPOT!
  • You want to make more money
    • You’re tired of working with leads who beat you up on price.
    • You’re ready to stop selling by "trial-and-error" and start getting consistently great results from an in-home sales system that FEELS POSITIVE, NOT PUSHY.
  • You’re ready to get your life back
    • You want to make more sales, but you already feel like you’re working 24/7.
    • If you could close more, you wouldn’t have to chase more.
    • You want to work with clients who are just like your favorites, and to STOP wasting time chasing leads that don’t buy!
  • You want a proven, step by step system that WORKS
    • You’re ready to build your sales team, and create a brand your customers know and love.
    • You want a plug-and-play process that gives you the tools and confidence you need to create predictable, consistent results.


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Accelerate Results!

Trial and error is costing you more than you might think. Consider all of the lost opportunities, missed sales, wasted time and wasted marketing dollars…
...And we know how exhausting it is to attempt to figure it all out on your own!

That’s why the FastTrack Sales System is built to take what you’re already doing well, and give you the systems, structure and support you need to launch your business to the next level.



Benefits of FASTTRACK

Know how people buy

Know your value

Master the approach


Book Higher Value Calls

Increased Closing Ratio



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Imagine what it would be like:

  • To have a top-notch sales system that works every time.
  • To have the confidence, exact words and ability to close more sales on the spot.
  • To feel sure that you and your team are always 100% mentally and strategically prepared to handle just about any obstacle and objection in a sales appointment.
  • To stop playing the discount game where you give away the store just to land the customer.
  • To receive a steady stream of positive ratings and reviews, so you immediately stand head and shoulders above your competitors, and make it easy for your clients to send you business.
  • To have a built-in training tool that makes growing your sales team easier and faster.

”The tools and training offered through FastTrack have allowed us to put systems in place that help us work smarter, not harder. Great program!”

Darla, Owner, Express Blinds Knoxville

“By using the advice that Madeleine gave me, I was able to close a deal that I almost walked away from! The enrollment fee paid for itself before I got my credit card statement!”

Cherrie, Owner, Made In the Shade Houston

"I love my business! It's my passion and has been a huge success for me for over 15 years. Earlier this year, due to a location change and some family emergencies, I was thinking about closing my business. I would have closed it if not for FastTrack. FastTrack helped me stay on track, stay motivated and move forward towards my bigger goals. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I know I have huge potential and this is helping me develop that potential more and more. It's every bit worth the investment.”

Jami, Owner, In Style Blinds

“I invest in myself and my business regularly but I always find it so hard to implement new things and then I feel that I've waste my investments.  With FastTrack, I’m inspired to take action and implement some of the new things I've learnt.  On-the-spot selling was one of them.  I decided to test it out and I never thought that it would increase my average sale, but it did.  By 37.5%!”

Jenny, Owner, Blind Illusions


Don’t wait to take your sales to the next level with Legacy's FASTTRACK Sales System. Schedule your free Strategy Session with our Team today and start making your stretch goals a reality.


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