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All successful people share one powerful characteristic: RESTLESSNESS — a desire for personal development, growth and progress. Seeking out the most effective resources help them attain, and maintain, your goals and dreams. Be among those who do. Be among those who achieve their wildest potential. With the help of our curated Experiences, you will create your own LEGACY story.



Recast: Resilience

AUGUST 24-29  | Rock Creek, MT

As we climb further and go higher, we need to Acclimatize -- to adjust to our new elevation. Just as the body slowly adapts to new, higher, climate conditions by increasing red blood cell production to aid in oxygenation, so too our spiritual, emotional, psychological bodies, must learn how to pause, to find ways to adjust and to learn to live at a new elevation. You are going to be given fully immersive experiences that allow you the space for acclimatization as you prepare for rarifies air.



February 11-16, 2025

Rangali Island, Maldives

Elevate your greatest power to live the most exhilarating connected life possible!

Come join us for a luxury weekend to connect with yourself and others to learn vulnerability, intimacy, and principles of Tantra practices.

Featuring lessons in masculine and feminine polarity, mindfulness, healing past relationship wounds, eye gazing, sensual touch, shibari, conflict resolution, and tantric rituals & practices for self-love and self-discovery.


Bridgepoint Conference

November 7-9, 2024 | Orlando, FL

Tired of the "one size fits all" business conferences?

Sick of being told how to work IN your business, without guidance of how to work ON it?

Ready for some guidance from real achievers that will actually make a difference to your wallet, network and quality of life? It's time that a business event felt less like empty inspiration, and more like an investment. It's time that entrepreneurs had an experience that would expand their knowledge and increase their influence.

It's time that there was a leadership event that left you with more than just pretty words and a pushy sales pitch... it's time for, BRIDGEPOINT.

If you're serious about taking your leadership skills and your organization to the next level, this is the event you can't afford to miss.


"Madeleine MacRae has been a speaker for us at the International Window Coverings Expo for several years. She has developed a reputation for being a savvy, to-the-point speaker who motivates and educates her audiences. We consistently get great reviews for Madeleine and requests for her to return. Each time she speaks, she crafts a fresh, spot-on series of timely sessions."

Grace McNamara,

Publisher, Trade Show Producer, Food & Travel Enthusiast

"Madeleine MacRae has been an engaging and motivating speaker and networking facilitator for educational events from the National Glass Association, including the Glazing Executives Forum. She offers a confident and accessible approach to navigating the challenges of managing, growing and improving a business in an unpredictable environment. Our audiences have rated her talks highly, and we have sought out her expertise for numerous events, magazine articles, blogs and more."

Sara Neiswanger,

Associate Director, Industry Engagement | National Glass Association
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"That presentation was an absolute out of the park home run. The best I have ever witnessed… Madeleine challenged me to “up my game” and to strive to emulate her style, poise and confidence. There isn’t anyone I know that wouldn’t benefit from the Legacy Systems."

Jeff Robinson,


"Madeleine is an experienced high energy business building professional that specializes in helping dealers drive breakthrough growth and profitability."

Tom Rodgers,

VP, Springs Window Fashions

Whether in a virtual or in-person setting, Madeleine's unique talent for connecting with her audience stands out. Her ability to convey valuable knowledge in a personable and easily digestible manner is remarkable, making implementation a breeze. Madeleine's natural gift for empowerment and inspiration is truly transformative. Working with her has been a privilege and an invaluable learning journey.

Chantel Bartlett,



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