Small Things that Get You Big Wins

I’ve said many times that sales is a marathon, not a sprint. 


There are a thousand decisions and adjustments that a marathon runner makes before, during and even after the race and each one helps them reach that finish line – and makes them just a tiny but faster, tiny bit better every time.


The reason I call sales a marathon is not only because it takes that careful preparation and an insanely strong, gritty, tenacious, resilient inner game to win it – I call it a marathon because it’s won by inches, not by miles.


Of course, to win a marathon, you have to run – and run pretty darn fast – but what really changes the game (once the running this is down-pat) are those micro-adjustments:


  • How do you place your feet?  How do you hold your hands?  Where are you looking?  How are you breathing? What are you concentrating on?


Sales is no different. 


You have to master not only the process of selling (that’s the same given as running is for our marathoner) but you also have to know how to quiet the chatter inside that will hold you back from being as successful as you could be!


Instead of wondering things like….


  • Should I really call that person again?  I don’t want to be annoying.


  • That came out expensive.  YIKES!  I wonder if I should just add a discount before I show the price?
  • What should I do?  I’m feeling so defeated!  All I’ve heard all week long is NO!  I feel like I’m just working for free.  I can’t keep doing this!


  • Oh gosh! Here comes that objection again!  I’m never going to close this deal!


You have to get confident, get unshakably certain, root yourself in the service of the sale and talk to yourself differently.  Assume positive intent.  Ask better questions like….


  • She was so busy when we met, no wonder she hasn’t called me back.  I’m going to text her to check in today!  She’s going to be so happy to hear back!


  • What a great value!  They are going to get so much with this solution!


  • Well, I’ve been getting NOs all week long, so a big flood of yesses are coming my way!  Thank you, law of averages!!


  • Yeah, baby!  Got a buyer here.  I’m so glad they really can’t wait to buy this from me!


Without those Sales Fundamentals rock solid, you’re going to falter.  


You’re going to get results that are less than what you could!


And I don’t want that for you!!!  


I have helped THOUSANDS of sales people and business owners improve their close rate, increase their average sales price and LOVE their jobs again and I want to give you the EXACT tools I gave them.


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