Remember the moment in Shrek when he’s telling Donkey that Ogres have more to them than people think.


Donkey demands an example, Shrek searches for something to say and suddenly spots the onion in his hand.


“Ogres are like onions,” he says.  


In response, donkey lists a bunch of silly things that might connect Onions to Ogres, but he misses the one thing that Shrek wanted him to see and Shrek shouts:






Onions have Layers.  Ogres have layers. Onions have layers.  You get it?  We both have layers.” 


It’s a funny scene that always makes me chuckle and maybe it’s because the truth of it hits harder than is sometimes comfortable.


We all have layers (maybe sometimes like an Ogre beneath some of the too!)


And it takes a lot of courage to peel back those layers to discover more and more of who we truly are.


The discovery process takes courage.  Embracing ourselves more fully takes courage. And, showing that newly discovered, more full self, to those outside ourselves, well, what’s beyond courage, because THAT is what that takes!!


As I have embarked on this next stage of my life and my career with new book coming out in less than a month, leading a new business, working on a whole new level of visibility, I decided that I needed new headshots to go with it all.


I’ve done all sorts of photoshoots over the years but only three with the direct intent to use them as professional headshots and/or directly for my business.  The most recent batch are posted as a gallery, below and the two other images are from the other shoots I’ve done – one in Feb 2022 (blue dress) and the other from October 2015 (black and white dress).


I’m curious if you see the difference I see….


Or if I only see it because I’ve lived it and I feel it. 


Because what I see is that I’ve peeled back layers and layers and layers.


And the woman I see shining in those photos is me. Full out. Nothing hidden, no masks, no body discomfort, no misgivings about who I am and what I’m meant to do on this earth. I’ve embraced all of who I am and it’s my passion to help others do likewise!

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