Go for Stupid!

Stupid has never really been an aspirational trait for me… well, at least not until the other day.


The other day I was chatting with my business partner, Thomas.  He was giving me a debrief on the progress of the Coaches going through our certification process and he was telling me about a something that one of them had brought up in a group coaching session.  She had been talking about a book called “Go for Stupid” and how, when you really want rise above your competitors, not even really needing to compare to them anymore, you just give as much as you can.  Not just give a little gift and ask for an email in exchange but give with no-holds-barred.  Give you best stuff, give more than what anyone else would give.  Go for stupid with it.


I loved the idea.  It was the first time in my life that going for stupid made sense to me.


Be stupid generous.


That resonated with me and I was pondering it as he continued his debrief.  He said that he was giving the coaches an overview of the Evalu8 program (an intensive 8-step business deep dive that leaves people with an actual roadmap to their next level – from business model and revenue generation to marking and branding to sales and lead gen) that we have decided to offer as a bonus to ANYONE who joins our Apex level – our top tier of service delivery.  When he was done talking about the program and said it’s usually a $50k investment, the coach who had brought up the book in the first place chimed in with…


“Well, that sure is going for stupid!”


I laughed a good hearty laugh when he spoke her words.


It sure is!  


And going for stupid is exactly what we aspire to do!!


I walked away from that conversation feeling proud and happy.  How incredibly to lead an organization that prioritizes generosity and lives it out so boldly.


A little bit later that day, I looked up the book, Go for Stupid: the art of achieving ridiculous goals, and saw that it was by Steve Sims.  His first book Bluefishing, is one of my top 10 favorite business books of all time, so I was shocked that he had a second one that I hadn’t read.  Needless to say, it’s on my hot list now.


How are you going to go for stupid today?


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