Don’t Die Broke!

“The Entrepreneur.

Visionary. High risk tolerance. Short Attention Span.

Usually dies broke.”


A few minutes and a little bit more conversation later…


“The Artist.

Creative.  Talented. Heart-centered.

Usually dies broke.”


It was a bleak picture that my business partner was painting of the typical archetypes of founders of businesses. And in two successive Business Deep Dive sessions, I watched pain ripple over our clients’ faces as the reality of their situations settled on them.  It mirrored the pangs I had felt in my own heart the first I heard this content.


Artists, as an archetype of an owner, are so in love with the art of their creation, the unique beauty that they are contributing, that they devote all resources: emotional, physical, financial, intellectual into that creative expression. 


The entrepreneur, on the other hand, sees opportunity everywhere, and, enticed by the Proverbial pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, throws their full effort into the chase no matter how much time, money and effort it takes.


It’s hardwired into our beings and has been expressed by Thought Leader‘s and Author‘s and educators in the entrepreneurial and business leadership space in thousands of different varieties. 


No matter whom, everyone is expressing the same truth. 


Without systems and structures, without pathways and blueprints to follow on the business execution side of the endeavor, well-meaning, passionate, capable, savvy individuals will create, and, eventually, starve to death business after business after business, leaving themselves feeling wretched, their employees scrambling, and their souls crushed. 


Soul-crushing may seem extreme to say, but when you have poured years — decades of your life —  and have sacrificed your own comfort, relationships, and finances to accomplish the greater good of something that fails, heartbreak is insufficient to describe it.


If being broke and failing were the predetermined outcome, the destiny, of those bold enough to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, our world would be so much the poorer for it.


The truth is that there is a better way to succeed, a proven pathway that, when you follow, mitigates the risks and makes profits predictable.  


I have seldom had greater joy in my life than sitting across the table from one of the individuals who had built something incredibly meaningful but who had a few key pieces out of place and, after spending  just two days, locked away, evaluating their business from a new perspective, seeing them gain visibility into what exactly needed to change.


The relief is palpable.  


The joy is overflowing.


The profit dollars are astounding. 


If you are looking to get out of the cycle of doubt and misery, looking to breakthrough a plateau, looking to more than eek by with a tiny dribble of profit in your multimillion dollar business, you need a Business Deep Dive.


I have been coaching businesses for near on two decades, and, the Legacy Leadership Institute Business Deep Dive process is the final crowning jewel in my navigational series of tools.


We know how to help someone think differently. We know how to help someone act differently. We know how to help someone dream and plan and execute and, guided by the business deep dive process, my and I team, and I can help you assess your foundations, and, not just take massive action but, the exactly correct action with the exactly correct people at the exactly right time.


Watching someone’s face, identify with dying broke, and, less than 36 hours later, watching that same face slowly light up as the realization of their profitable growth becomes visible to them… 


Now that is priceless.


Nobody is dying broke on our watch!

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