71% of business owners are bad at this

Change is hard. Most people avoid it at all costs.


That’s why 71% of business owners in our industry report that they are not confident in their ability to get their team members to do what they want them to do!  They don’t know how to get their team to embrace change.


If that’s true for you and you cannot seem to get your team to change their behaviors, remember that the feet walk where the eyes are looking.  


People hate change because they are terrified of the unknown.  They are looking only at their imagined difficulties, and they only have a hazy picture, so they fill in the blanks and create a tragedy or, even worse, a horror story out of the whole thing.


That’s not going to encourage anyone to jump into those changes.


In order to get someone to change what they do, you have to change what they think. And, even more importantly, you have to change what they are looking at!


You have to make the unknown known and you have to make the benefits known too.  


You may be crystal clear about how this is going to help the business, but does your team know?  Have you taken the time to consider the benefits and to communicate them more than once? Do your team members really understand how these business improvements will help them?  


If you want to supercharge your ability to create willing change in your team, go to the heart of the matter, the heart of your team members. Always remember to clearly articulate WIIFM — What’s in it for me? Help your team members see for themselves what is in this for them personally and professionally.


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