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June 13-16 | Rock Creek, MT

As we climb further and go higher, we need to Acclimatize — to adjust to our new elevation. Just as the body slowly adapts to new, higher, climate conditions by increasing red blood cell production to aid in oxygenation, so too our spiritual, emotional, psychological bodies, must learn how to pause, to find ways to adjust and to learn to live at a new elevation. You are going to be given fully immersive experiences that allow you the space for acclimatization as you prepare for rarifies air.










This year’s RECAST EXPERIENCE is being held at the world’s first Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star guest ranch. Secluded in one of Montana’s most pristine valleys, The Ranch at Rock Creek’s 19th-century homestead thrives in balance with its diverse eco-system.

The Ranch’s award-winning hospitality is grounded in its all-inclusive design, allowing guests to leave their wallets behind to explore five mountain peaks with care-free wonder. Find respite in nature and inspiration in the still serene, still legendary West.


The key to genuine fulfilling success is journeying inwards in order to go upwards.  Making that journey of personal development demands that we climb further and go higher than we have done before.  And, just as the physical body needs to Acclimatize — to adjust to our new elevation – along the course of a long high hike, so too our inner selves.


When you physically acclimatize, your body slowly adapts to new, higher, climate conditions by increasing red blood cell production to aid in oxygenation. When you do this on a spiritual, emotional, psychological plain, those responses are not factory pre-set.  You must learn how to pause.  How to find ways to adjust and to learn to live in a new band of life, at a new elevation. 



  • 2- Guests/Room
  • 3-night stay at The Ranch at Rock Creek
  • 10 locally-sourced, chef-driven meals designed for detoxification
  • Daily wellness classes and spa amenities
  • Sunrise Hike
  • 2 Custom Spa Experiences
  • Ropes Course Challenges
  • Dutch Oven Dinner and Line Dancing
  • Trail Ride
  • Darts & Bowling in the Silver Dollar Saloon
  • During these 4 days you will:
    • Plunge into a Self-Awareness Immersion Exercise
    • Experience a Breakthrough ceremony
    • Be supported by an intimate cohort as you tackle communication, action, inaction and leadership
    • Take your creative thinking and strategic planning to a new level so that you habits match your growth.


This is perfect for you if you are:

  • Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life and demanding business
  • Ready to unplug, to recenter yourself and to open yourself to new horizons
  • Looking to have a little fun along the way
  • Wanting to build community with like-minded individuals
  • Prepared to be raw and real and to play full out!


This is not for you if you are:

  • Want to sit on the sidelines
  • Are content to keep on doing what you have always done
  • Aren’t ready to get out of your own comfort zone.


During this fully immersive experience, you are going to be given experiences that allow you the space for acclimatization along your intense journey of personal growth.


8 reviews for RECAST: RESILIENCE

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  1. Jermain Miller

    Legacy Leadership Institute has truly changed me and the direction of my life for the better, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  2. JEFF ROBINSON, Intertek

    That presentation was an absolute out of the park home run. The best I have ever witnessed… Madeleine challenged me to “up my game” and to strive to emulate her style, poise and confidence. There isn’t anyone I know that wouldn’t benefit from the Legacy Systems.

  3. Alan Schlesinger

    So, who are these time and results proven coaches? Legacy Leadership Institute. One of the giants.

  4. TOM RODGERS, VP, Springs Window Fashions

    Madeleine is an experienced high energy business building professional that specializes in helping dealers drive breakthrough growth and profitability.

  5. Cathi Thompson

    I’ve always been a ‘searcher’ and began reading (self-help) books as a young adult, there are so many reasons why I love the Legacy Leadership Institute offerings for more than just the excellent advice its gives.

  6. GRACE MCNAMARA, Publisher, Trade Show Producer, Food & Travel Enthusiast

    Madeleine MacRae has been a speaker for us at the International Window Coverings Expo for several years. She has developed a reputation for being a savvy, to-the-point speaker who motivates and educates her audiences. We consistently get great reviews for Madeleine and requests for her to return. Each time she speaks, she crafts a fresh, spot-on series of timely sessions.

  7. Tabi Rosales

    Sometimes the act of immercing yourself away from all the distractions of life is all you need to find that one breakthrough that will change your life forever. I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me that space and release.

  8. SARA NEISWANGER, Associate Director, Industry Engagement | National Glass Association

    Madeleine MacRae has been an engaging and motivating speaker and networking facilitator for educational events from the National Glass Association, including the Glazing Executives Forum. She offers a confident and accessible approach to navigating the challenges of managing, growing and improving a business in an unpredictable environment. Our audiences have rated her talks highly, and we have sought out her expertise for numerous events, magazine articles, blogs and more.

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