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William Hodapp

Even as a young leader, Billy always found himself to be very industrious. Some of his first memories was of an old bike he sold to a neighbor, a bike he pulled out of the trash, and then used the money he earned to buy myself a brand new bike. He would buy candy from the local corner store and resell it to the kids in the apartment complex and at the park. Through his formative years Billywas a true hustler and did nearly every kind of work you can think of to earn. From washing dishes, to digging ditches. From hospitality to construction. Billy worked in restaurants, sold life insurance and even used cars.


It wasn’t until Billy finally broke out and started his own landscaping company that he truly felt like I was doing something meaningful. He quickly learned that anything meaningful doesn’t come easy. It was very difficult, nothing like he thought it would be. Billy realized it took more work, time, dedication and passion than anything he had ever done in my life. In his own words, “I failed… a few times but always learned from my failures and never let it stop me from winning. The passion of learning has always been what’s driven me to success. I’ve always wanted to help people. whether it was in youth ministry or showing the neighborhood kids how to throw a fastball. I even helped other teens and young adults start their own landscaping company and helped them grow and earn.”


It was during those moments where Billy realized that he wanted to help other people and that is what he is truly best at. Now Billy is realizing his true purpose, to help other people become the best version of themselves and grow their businesses.