Jacqueline MacDonald

Jacqueline MacDonald graduated with her Bachelor’s of Design from the University of California, Davis with an emphasis in Interior Architecture. After graduating from college, she pursued sales as a design consultant for high-end furniture in Southern California and excelled in this arena by far exceeding her sales goals in the middle of the Great Recession. Having a background in Design and Sales was the springboard for her future business endeavors. 


Deep down she always knew there was a path for purpose, success and personal satisfaction, but not everyone is ready or even knows how to do the work. In her youth she haphazardly tried to navigate finding herself through various personality & temperaments tests, and even the ASVAB Career Exploration Test. All this left her not knowing what to do with the knowledge that she is a Phlegmatic, Four Letter Combination personality, Enneagram 9, with a high test score in mechanical engineering. This lack of clarity and focus can leave us floating from one thing to another without meaning and purpose.


For the last twelve years she’s seen her business grow and evolve from Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Brand Management, to Coaching and Strategic Business Planning.  Her favorite feeling is seeing a business team come together to transform, create and fall in love with their unified goals, vision & mission and sparkly new branding. This transformative work for a business can also be a personal gift to yourself and those around you.


She took some time to raise and enjoy her two youngest children and while they are in school, she is ready to raise up some new students.


“When you know who you are, where you want to go, and start taking steps in that direction, you will unlock a new level of your life – where you get to enjoy the process of becoming what you haven’t quite yet fully become.”