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Else Johnson

Meet Else, the visionary catalyst for transformation and success. With a journey that spans continents and industries, Else’s story is nothing short of inspiring.

Beginning her career in the financial world in Denmark, Else found herself drawn to the United States. Embracing change fearlessly, she transitioned into the realm of business management before launching Kina Design, Inc., a successful, high-end window coverings business.

For over two decades, Else immersed herself in the challenges and successes of running a thriving service-based business in the competitive home pro-industry. This firsthand experience exposed her to the personal sacrifices and difficulties of achieving success while maintaining one’s well-being and happiness. It was during this transformative journey that she discovered her true calling.

Today, as an innovative Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner, Cognitive Behaviorist Therapy (CBT) expert, certified Life Coach, and Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach, Else empowers her clients like never before. Armed with a rich tapestry of skills and real-world business acumen, she goes beyond the conventional boundaries of coaching.

In her personalized one-on-one sessions, group engagements, and life-changing workshops, Else guides her clients toward a profound alignment that leads to genuine happiness. She has mastered the art of releasing mental stress and conquering negative emotions, ensuring her clients reach their full potential without unnecessary hardship.

But it doesn’t stop there – Else’s journey has taken her across the globe, living and working in Europe, Asia, and diverse regions of the United States. This global perspective has enriched her understanding of life and cultures, granting her a unique edge in guiding clients.

Currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband, Else’s passion for growth and transformation knows no bounds. When you’re ready to unlock your full potential and embrace happiness without compromise, Else will be your steadfast guide on this life-changing adventure. Join her today and watch your world transform like never before.