Ready to Climb?

What’s that personal goal you’ve had your eye on? That mountain ahead that you dream of summitting, but aren’t sure how to begin? We all have them. From health and fitness goals to forming and breaking habits, desiring self-improvement is a form of self-care. If you’re reading this, you are already taking a huge step in choosing more for yourself. Because the truth is, there IS more for you! There’s more for all of us – and any dream worth having is a dream worth working towards. But ask yourself this: when’s the last time you heard of someone climbing a mountain by themselves? From physical training to selecting the right gear, there’s always someone there, helping them along. Most importantly: the guide, climbing right next to them. At Legacy Leadership Institute, that’s our mission: to lace up our boots and climb alongside you to the peak of whatever mountain you choose. You are capable of anything you desire – we’re just here to make sure you get there.

Mastermind Group

A collection of 5 individuals who meet in a video conference monthly, receiving more individualized coaching and motivation from others in their field.

20 Group

A collection of 20 individuals who meet in a video conference monthly, where various marketing strategies and challenges are discussed with their coach. 


One on One relationship with a coach, where specific needs are addressed, and custom solutions and guidance are provided. Both monthly and weekly coaching sessions are available.

Leadership Development Services Include:

Identifying Leadership Styles

Inspiring Change

Cultivating Individual Strengths


Casting Vision

Team Building And Development

Developing Persuasion And Influence

Are You Ready For Your Next Step In Leadership Growth?

The best first step is to get into a group with others, we host a number of different types of 20 Groups.

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