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Thomas MacDonald

Tom is an accomplished senior executive and consultant with 25 years of success as a brand marketing and development professional. His background in a variety of industries – including startups, retail, product launches, e-commerce, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing – has provided him with a unique platform to help clients drive their brand visibility, recognition, reputation and influences.

Whether a startup, or multi-national company, he takes a multi-faceted approach to logistics, distribution, process improvements, and product development in order to gain and retain customer support. Recognized for creative marketing and advertising efforts, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.

Tom’s passion and expertise for marketing began as a musician. When he wasn’t on the road Tom took various jobs and discovered he had an aptitude for understanding business. He went on to drastically increase productivity for corporations like Walmart and Louisiana Pacific. He is now owner and CEO of his own Consumer Focused Marketing agency based in Southwest Florida. Businesses thrive when his experience and an organic multimedia approach to advertising and marketing are combined. Tom is also a licensed interior designer with decades of experience.

One of his favorite sayings is “Face your fears and the kick them in the teeth!” Standing at 6’6″, Tom is the kind of person you want by your side as you obliterate your fears and succeed like never before.