Coach Certification training with greater client outcomes

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Transform Lives Using Your Unique Expertise

Legacy's Master Apprenticeship offers advanced coach training to help new and established coaches launch a successful practice or for internal coaches, human resource professionals, and others who’d like to incorporate proven client-success focused tools of coaching into their lives and careers.

But That's Not All!

Master Apprenticeship is also for the dreamers, helpers, and changemakers. Because this isn’t a cookie cutter coach training program. It’s a place for people like you: dynamic, progressive, and committed to transforming lives will learn how to teach the core secrets of Scalabity Success and Personal Wellness.

Together we’re smashing the status quo with the aim of instilling old money strategies in right-fit entrepreneurs so we can reach our ultimate goal of creating at least 5 Legacies in each major business sector. 

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Easy Access & Flexibilty

Legacy's Master Apprenticeship meets you where you’re at with accessible, online education that’s bite sized and actionable. The full experience takes about 12 months to complete, and it begins with understanding our Habits of Thinking and Learning how to achieve a Strategic Mindset.

You’ll progress through weekly live classes with a small cohort of peers, learning the frameworks, tools, and methodologies necessary to become a high-impact, ROI focused, professional coach. Upon completion of Neuro-Ignition, you’ll seamlessly advance into The Stages of Growth, the second stage of your training.

As a Mastery Apprentice, expect to go beyond the fundamentals. You’ll steadily hone your craft through a combination of weekly classes, mentoring sessions, live coaching observation, and direct feedback from ICF credentialed coaches.

This is where it’s at for professional coaches who are ready to stand out from the pack and scale a thriving practice. (And who want to have a great time while doing it.)

Legacy's Master Apprenticeship takes you to the next level. By the time you’re done, you’ll have everything you need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most successful Thought Leaders today.

This is perfect for you if...


  • You want to become a coach.  Maybe you’re exiting a corporate career, maybe you’re selling your business, maybe you're re-entering the workforce after a long absence -- whatever experience you’re bringing, you’re not starting from scratch in the realm of experience and you don’t want to start from scratch in the business of coaching either.


  • You’ve been coaching but it’s not going as well as you thought it would. Maybe you’re getting great results with clients but leads (and money) are lagging.  Maybe you’re struggling with how to price, how to run things or even with tech, branding, marketing.  Maybe you’re wishing you had a more structured approach to follow so that you could count on the outcomes you know you can help facilitate.  Whatever is blocking you from achieving the outcomes you want to see, Legacy can help!


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Benefits of Becoming A Master Coach

INCREASED CLient Satisfaction

Tools to Inspire Change Culture

Highly Scalable Profitablity

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Mastery of the science of scale

System to Recruit & Retain Talent



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"Legacy Leadership Institute has truly changed me and the direction of my life for the better, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually."

Jermain M.

"I was just thinking this morning how grateful I am to have you. The support you’ve offered me has kept me from going into burnout during difficult seasons. It’s also just fun! I get excited finding ways to uplevel our business and work smarter not harder."


"By working with a Legacy Coach, our group has a fully developed exit strategy for our founder, and is better positioned for growth in the years to come."

Bob L.

"You're going to get the most honest and actionable feedback. That's why its the most easily scalable process because you can plug it into any situation that your company has ever seen or you could even dream of."

Nick O.

"In just one year, I have grown my side hustle -  into a full-time job for both myself and an assistant."

Peter D.

"The growth of the business was so significant that it enabled other family members to actually join the business and participate in the business and create a living."

Rick B.

"If you're serious, I MEAN REALLY SERIOUS about growing your business, Legacy Leadership Institute is the way to go. "

Curt S.

“Thank you for being such an inspiration.”

Anja W


“So, who are these time and results proven coaches? Legacy Leadership Institute is one of the giants.”

Alan S.

“I’ve always been a ‘searcher’ and began reading (self-help) books as a young adult, there are so many reasons why I love the Legacy Leadership Institute offerings for more than just the excellent advice its gives.”

Cathi T.

"I attribute my success to being exposed to leadership thought leaders at the right time and place in my life.”

Paul E.


Don’t wait to take your coaching practice to the next level with Legacy's Master Coach Apprenticeship. Schedule your free 45-minute Strategy Session with our Team today and start making your dreams a reality.


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