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People Seek Danger

Have you ever wondered why a person would ever want to become a stunt man, lion tamer, or any of the other vocations which deliberately involve the risk of death? I have. It seems that danger attracts a certain kind of human being with a strange and compelling irresistibility.   There is a story of…

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The Unfailing Boomerang

Certainly, one of the most amazing, distressing, confounding and resolute integrants of a human being is his refusal to learn from his own experience or the experience of others. If there’s one great and unchanging law that he breaks, it’s the one I call “The Unfailing Boomerang.” Let me explain. Just about anybody you ask…

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Power Of The Mind

For years one of my favorite pastimes has been reading the remarkable book, “Keep Up With The World,” by Freling Foster. He wrote for many years the famous Collier’s feature. One section of his book is devoted to Mind and Body and accurately and cleverly portrays some exciting phenomena. For example, in Paris in 1932,…

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