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Be Proud of Capitalism

Y’know, a strange and somewhat insidious thing has been happening in this country during the past few decades. People are beginning to apologize for Capitalism. That’s right… you’d be surprised at the number of people who have acquired a kind of inferiority complex about living in a capitalist society.

Some time back, Dean Manion interviewed Senator Strom Thurmond on his weekly broadcast.

Several important points were made, about which all of us should think very seriously.

Manion pointed out that our troubles with communism – here, throughout the world people, are severely aggravated by our own undeniable guilt complex concerning Capitalism. To the communist charge of monopoly, imperialism, and exploitation, some Americans would have us enter what lawyers call a plea of “confession and avoidance.” Their plans for avoidance invariably call for an extension of public enterprise at the expense of the private enterprise. They plan to defeat communism by further extensions of the Socialist “welfare state” — and they ought to have their heads examined!

The problem, as usual, is due to ignorance.

Most people don’t know what the word Capitalism means. Capitalism is no more and no less than economic liberty, and it goes hand in hand with political liberty. Webster defines Capitalism as, “The economic system in which the ownership of land, natural wealth, the production, distribution, and exchange of goods, the employment and reward of human labor, and the extension, organization, and operation of the system itself, are entrusted to, and affected by, private enterprise and control under competitive conditions.”

Apologies for such a wonderful system can only arise out of ignorance… or the gradual brainwashing of communist propaganda.

The essence of Capitalism is competition. Competition, in turn, decrees that production be designed to accomplish, not what governmental authority decides is best, but what the individuals that comprise the society want. The incentive in the system is geared to satisfying the individuals — not just a few individuals, but the desires of the maximum number of individuals. The customer is necessarily the center of attraction under our economic system.

Communism cannot compare with Capitalism, even in the mundane field on which it is based. In just one American city, with a population of less than 75,000, the people have three or four times as many refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers as Moscow, with its population of five million!

Sure…we have our occasional ups and downs, but these are built-in adjusters – natural adjusters – just as we have ups and downs in our personal lives.

But we must remember that, even in recession, our economic system is far superior to that hailed by the Communists.

The only time we have trouble with our genuinely marvelous system…is when some nit-wit in Washington decides to poke his nose into the natural balance of things and foul up everything.

Don’t ever apologize for Capitalism – it’s the best system ever developed in the long and stormy history of man – be proud of it!

More important than the material good created by our society is the freedom it gives each of us to achieve our destiny. It is limited only by the talents nature gave us and the industry with which we develop and apply these talents.

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