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Archive for May 2019

More than your philosophy has dream of

We’ve been talking about the subconscious mind the last few programs… and ways, the few we know of, of bringing more of its power and problem solving ability to bear in our lives. A number of years ago, Doctor William Hanny Thompson, a distinguished physician and writer, recorded two very striking instances of the ability…

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Episode 1- Win Today, Win Tomorrow, Win Always

The Flat Tire Podcast title is based on Earl Nightingale’s famous quote, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere until you change it.” Each episode will include a clip from one of Earl’s books and thought-provoking conversations with top thought leaders from around the globe. WIN TODAY, WIN TOMORROW, WIN…

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Great Ideas Come When The World Needs Them

William Lyons Phelps made a comment that we should have print and put someplace where we can regularly be reminded of it. He said: “Great ideas come when the world needs them. They surround the world’s ignorance and press for admission.” We tend to forget that great truth: “Great ideas come when the world needs…

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A Cure for Paralysis

Many years ago, there was an Associated press dispatch which reported an amazing incident: Eight patients, all helpless paralytics, were confined to a ward in a hospital in Ecuador. One day a giant boa constrictor visited the paralytic ward by means of an open window. In less than ten seconds, the snake was the sole…

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The knack of using your subconscious mind

Recently I told you about the subconscious area of our minds… the great unplumbed reservoir of creative insight and intuition… and how the great majority of people never learn to use this great source of power and ideas. You’ve probably noticed, just as do the greatest inventors, scientist, thinkers, artists, writers, and so on, that…

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