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Archive for September 2018

Are You Keeping Up With the World?

Here’s a pretty good question: “Are you keeping up with the world?” Or do you feel you’ve done enough and can coast the rest of the way in. Well, you may or may not be surprised to learn that by far the great majority of people feel they’ve got it made. Apparently, they must feel…

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An Inside Job

One of the things that helps me tremendously when it comes to writing and producing two hundred and sixty radio programs a year, is the amount of wonderful suggestions, ideas, and material that are sent to me by listeners. And I sincerely appreciate it. For example: I was sent a little pamphlet called, “Adventure in…

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Would You Risk The Chance?

The other day I got into a rather interesting discussion with a very close friend of mine. I don’t remember how the conversation turned on this particular tangent, but we came up with a rather intriguing question. Here it is: “If, through some magic, you could have right now in a lump sum, all the…

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What Is Simple – Is Best

A friend of mine ran across a fine little article in PRINTER’S INK, the magazine of advertising, and kindly sent it to me. It was written by Tom Batman the creative director of a New York advertising agency. And while this article applies to the business of advertising, I think a lot of it can…

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