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Archive for August 2018

Be Consistent – After Ninety

Bruce Barton, writer, businessman, public servant, and all-around genius once wrote an interesting little article about the business of being consistent, and he wrote that he expects to be entirely consistent – after he reaches the age of ninety. A reader wrote to him saying that he ought to be more consistent in his writing.…

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The Magic of Believing

Let me tell you about a book that I think should be on everybody’s home book shelf. The title is THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING by Claude Bristol. If you’ve read it many years ago, as I did, it’s a good idea to read it again – or at least parts of it. Here is a…

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What do wives want?

If someone offered you a million dollars if you could correctly come up with the answer to what wives want from their husbands – in the order of their importance – do you think you could win? Well, let’s see. Not too long ago the University of Michigan completed a study on what wives want…

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Taking Stock

From time to time on the great ships which ply the oceans of the world, an officer will walk to the wing of the navigation bridge, raise his sextant to his eye, and “shoot” the sun. He will then make the necessary calculations and determine his exact position. He will then compare his exact position…

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