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Archive for July 2018

They Drive Us Away

The other day I had a lot of writing to do at home. I skipped breakfast and went to work in my study. About eleven o’clock I realized I was hungry, got in the car, and drove to a very attractive restaurant in the neighborhood; it’s new. Once inside, I stood for about five minutes…

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What Can I Do?

How often have you heard someone say about some big problem, “What can I do?” I received a little circular of Christopher Notes the other day, and I thought the lead article was really quite good. I’d like to quote it to you: “When you consider the vastness of world problems, you may ask yourself:…

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Do What You Should

A woman reading the Christopher column, “Three Minutes a Day”, in the HOUSTON POST, was deeply affected by the story of the mail carrier who began hiding some of his mail on what he called “heavy days”. On days when there was an unusually large amount of mail to deliver, he would hide some of…

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A Way To Get Rich

Several months ago I had as the subject for one of my radio programs the importance of having a good vocabulary. I mentioned at the time that a person’s life inextricably connected in many ways with his ability to use his language. Well, some time back there appeared in THIS WEEK MAGAZINE an article by…

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On Solving Problems

Some time back there appeared an article in WOMAN’S DAY MAGAZINE by Hollis Alpert called “In Defense of Excitement.” My fine, winsome and winning secretary, name of Harriett, found it for me. It points out that we get excited sometimes, and our advisors tell us to keep calm, implying that we could think better, or…

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