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Archive for May 2018

Watch That Generalization

You know, one of the many paradoxes of the human race is the old belief that you can tell a person’s character by his face. There are probably more bosses and personnel managers who think they can tell what kind of a worker a man or woman is going to be and how honest he…

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The Milky Way

As you know, the planet Earth belongs to the Galaxy known as the Milky Way, but have you any idea how big, how extensive, this one Galaxy is? Or the distances between the stars? In reading Hoyle’s NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE, you can get some idea. Of course, astronomers use light-years in measuring the incredibly…

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Strange Ones

If someone walked into your office, or home, and asked for all of your money and told you that if you refused you’d be blown up immediately, what would you do? On December 4, 1894, a man walked into the office of the famous financier, Russel Sage, and demanded that Mr. Sage give him one…

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Keep Moving

Have you ever noticed that the longer you look at something you should be doing – the more difficult it seems to appear? That the longer you put off something you should do – the more difficult it is to get started? A good deal of frustration and unhappiness could be quickly gotten rid of,…

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