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Archive for November 2017

Found: A Quarter of 1 Million Dollars

Perhaps you remember reading about the case of the man who found a quarter of a million dollars, or almost that amount, in small, unmarked bills. It seems this man was out of work at the time and hard-pressed for money. The money, in a bag, had in some inexplicable manner, fallen out of an…

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Man And Circumstance

I have long been a collector of sentences or phrases of great meaning and weight. You probably like them, too! So, today, let me pass along one of the greatest you will ever hear. It is so true that if you would always remember it, it could change your life. James Allen wrote about it…

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The Town in the Sky

Did you know there’s a town in the United States that is eight miles long, and a hundred feet wide? This town has its own fire department, police department, private telephone exchange, a bank! To top it all off, this town, eight miles long, is suspended in mid-air! This city in the sky is the…

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Did you know that no other country in the world puts such a premium on human happiness as the United States? It’s the only country in the world that has the “pursuit of happiness” written right into a Declaration of Independence. All Americans are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness, but do you have any idea…

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