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Archive for October 2017

Americans are Problem Solvers

The United States is the most famous and well-known country in the world. One of the primary reasons for this is an American’s uncanny ability to solve problems. The people of this country have solved problems like no other people in history. One of the first jobs Americans handled was the building of the Panama…

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The Art of Success

In the Spring of 1961, This Week Magazine carried a series of eight essays called, “Words to Live By,” written by Wilferd A. Peterson. They were all excellent, but I thought the last one was particularly good. It was entitled, “The Art of Success,” and I’d like to quote it for you. “There are no…

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Gold Within Your Reach

Addition to Dr. Conwell’s great speech, “Acres of Diamonds,” he also liked to tell the story about the man out in California, who owned a ranch in 1847. The read that gold was discovered in Southern California. So, he sold his ranch to Colonel Sutter and started off to hunt for gold. Colonel Sutter put…

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An Abundant Harvest

Some time ago, a good friend of mine told me a curious story. In the modern building where he has his offices, there are both automatic elevators and elevators which still use operators. One day while riding to his office in one of the operator elevators, the operator complained about the increase in the number…

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Have you ever watched a dog dream? It is interesting! My dog used to jerk its legs, whine, and breathe so fast and hard, you knew it was dreaming about chasing something. All creatures with any intelligence dream. The experts say that it is as impossible to sleep without dreaming as it is to sleep…

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