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The Unfailing Boomerang

Certainly, one of the most amazing, distressing, confounding and resolute integrants of a human being is his refusal to learn from his own experience or the experience of others.

If there’s one great and unchanging law that he breaks, it’s the one I call “The Unfailing Boomerang.”

Let me explain. Just about anybody you ask will tell you that being a truthful person is a great thing. Honesty? Great! The Golden Rule? Terrific! A great piece of inspirational philosophy! So far, so good.

But I’d be willing to bet my best hat that not one person you talk to daily understands the “reaction” to truth, honesty, or dishonesty. Here’s where the unfailing boomerang comes into the picture: action-reaction. This is what makes the world go ‘round.

Every time you do something dishonest, you are, in effect, tossing a boomerang.

How far out it will travel? No one knows. How great, or slow a circle it will traverse? Only time will tell. But it will, eventually, come around behind you, swift and unseen, and deliver its never-failing painful blow to the back of your neck or the seat of your pants. It works the same way when a person conducts himself truthfully and honestly. Excellent results from good acts are just as certain as bad results from bad acts.

We’re all familiar with the famous biblical passage, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” But I think we’d all be surprised by the number of people who fail to realize that this great truth applies to everything we do, every day of our lives in business and away from business with every person with whom we come in contact. It’s so simple, so logical, so right and so thoroughly misunderstood. 

You’d think that in the thousands of years of human development, this would be as taken for granted like food, drink, sleep and breathing. It seems that slowly, painfully, through trial and error, each new generation has to learn it all over again or suffer the consequences. I guess the trick is to get our youngsters to think in terms of action and reaction. Good action equals good reaction. Bad action equals bad reaction.

A life, a marriage, a business – without a foundation of truth and honesty will fail in time.

If it has a foundation of sand, and the higher it goes, the farther it’s going to topple eventually. The dishonest person is his own worst enemy, and while he can create a lot of mischief in the world. He is, in the end, his own victim. The tougher things get, the more frantic he beings to look for ways out. Since he’s running on the wrong track, his problems compound. Unless he wakes up to the fact that he has brought all of it upon himself and does a fast heart -to-heart, he’s had it! Without question, these are the most frustrated, confused, bitter, disillusioned, and demoralized people on the earth. 

The rule to follow is to ask yourself whenever you come to an important decision of any kind, “Is this right? Is this an honest thing to do? What is the reaction going to be?”

Joseph Parker wrote: “Falsehood is in a hurry; it may be at any moment detected and punished; truth is calm, serene; its judgment is high; its king cometh out of the chambers of eternity.”

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