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The Effects of Prohibition

There is no person on earth to fear or avoid more than a bitter, narrow-minded, so-called moralist who thinks that his opinions should be forced upon everyone else.

This is the kind of person who believes that every human on earth should believe as he believes. This has caused untold horror in the world. These people think everyone should embrace their particular faith, and abstain from what he refuses.

Proof of this comes from the chaos brought on by one of the biggest blunders ever committed by politicians.

In January of 1920, the Volstead Act prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of all intoxicating beverages.

Because of this monumental piece of pure idiocy, drinking became a conspicuous symbol of the younger generation’s revolt. Bathtub gin and bootleggers were born overnight. Every purchase of liquor during the prohibition era helped to support and build an underworld of crime and violence. For twelve years, prohibition could not be enforced. It built up a dynasty of crime, murder, and corruption not seen on earth since the Dark Ages.

Intoxicating beverages were given importance because they were illegal. It created a curiosity in thousands of people, who might otherwise have given it no attention at all.

Alcohol occupies a unique place in the history of the so-called civilized man.

I don’t know of any ancient civilization that didn’t use some type of intoxicant. I suppose no one knows who started the whole thing, just as we don’t know who discovered fire. However, since alcohols discovery, it has never disappeared from the human scene. It certainly didn’t disappear during prohibition. Wherever you find laws forbidding alcoholic beverages, you will find a criminal element. You also see the active collaboration of public officials and law enforcement agencies with the bootleggers supplying the drinks. No one will deny that some abuse it.

However, automobiles kill and maim more people every week than alcohol does in a year. Are we to outlaw the manufacture and sale of automobiles? What about people who jump out of tall buildings? Should we push for legislation limiting all structures to one floor? Also what about food? Thousands die each year from being overweight.

The greatest thing in the world is individual liberty.

However, the number of people chipping away at it would scare you. They don’t want you to live the way you want to live. They want you to live the way they want you to live.

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  1. Ron Portzer on September 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Another timely point of wisdom! Always up-to-date. Now, let us add another abused invention. Guns! Who is afraid of a good law-abiding citizen with a gun! Yes, our freedom is at stake. The framers of the Constitution of the United States were wise when they instilled liberty into the 2nd Amendment. Governments have been on the wrong side of the law in the past. America is not immune. Someone wrote, “When people fear the Government, there’s tyranny. When the Government fears the people, there’s liberty.”

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