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What Is Mastermind?

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Depending on the needs of your business, you may want a slightly more specialized approach, while still having the benefit of learning from others in your field.

We’ve created the Mastermind program for those seeking a little more personalized guidance from their coach, allowing participants the ability to speak freely about the situations and issues they are each experiencing. Catalyst will pair you with other professionals in your field to provide maximum guidance and support for any challenges that come your way.

Services Include:


Starting a business is a lot like standing at the edge of a cliff. You’re at the cusp of everything you’ve dreamed of, but there’s only two ways out: will you fall, or fly? At Legacy Leadership Institute, we know that feeling all too well (stay tuned for our Co-Founder’s book Don’t Walk Off a Cliff…in Business!). The good news is this: we’ve made those entrepreneurial mistakes, so you don’t have to! From developing a start-up budget to knowing what paperwork to file, the team at Legacy Leadership Institute is here to make sure that your dream becomes the success it was meant to be.


Marketing is so much more than designing logos or creating brochures! At Legacy Leadership Institute, we know that marketers bear the responsibility of representing their business to the world – and that can be a big burden to carry! In our Marketing 20 Group, we’ll discuss the importance of strengthening your brand, explain new advertising technologies, and help you to increase lead traffic. Marketing your business can be heavy – but Legacy Leadership Institute is here to lighten the load.