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Ready, Set, GROW!

Every business begins with great intentions… but as time goes on, those intentions can get lost in a sea of day-to-day details. At Legacy Leadership Institute, we understand that sometimes in the midst of building higher, the foundation begins to erode. The good news is this: any business, with the right strategy and guidance, can be not only saved, but revolutionized. A Legacy Coach is waiting to help get you back on track and revamp your organization into an exceptional brand.
Our team of experienced coaches will develop a comprehensive strategy that motivates employees, eliminates organizational roadblocks, and delivers impressive returns. But we don’t stop there. Leading companies know they must be innovative to succeed. Once the foundation of your business is firmly established, our team will go on to assist in uncovering new sources of revenue, bringing fresh ideas to the table, and ensuring that you uncover fresh competitive advantages for growth.

Mastermind Group

A collection of 5 individuals who meet in a video conference monthly, receiving more individualized coaching and motivation from others in their field.

20 Group

A collection of 20 individuals who meet in a video conference monthly, where various marketing strategies and challenges are discussed with their coach.


One on One relationship with a coach, where specific needs are addressed, and custom solutions and guidance are provided. Both monthly and weekly coaching sessions are available.

We Offer Brand Development Coaching On:

Analysis Of Brand Opportunities


Competitive Brand Assessment



Visual Brand Development

Collateral Design

Brand Messaging Strategy

Brand Story Development

Are You Ready For Your Next Step In Brand Development?

The best first step is to get into a group with others, we host a number of different types of 20 Groups.